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Charitable Partners

H2O Africa
H2O Africa The H2O Africa Foundation is the charitable component of Running the Sahara. Charitable fund services are being provided by Renaissance, which is also the lead investor in the film venture. The ONE Campaign provides guidance to Running the Sahara for the selection of H2O Africa charitable partners, advocacy regarding clean water issues, and public outreach. H2O Africa is a fund of the Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Renaissance As The Social Capital Company, Renaissance is devoted to a simple, yet important objective: expanding the quantity and quality of philanthropy in our world. A true pioneer, Renaissance has been the leader in expanding the concept of social capital since 1987. The company's experience in this area is second to none. Based in Indianapolis, Renaissance has trained and supported thousands of donor advisors in helping their clients recognize the existence of social capital and understand how to best put it to use for society and themselves. Renaissance has assembled an unparalleled level of personnel, technical expertise and information dedicated to this effort.
The ONE Campaign
The ONE Campaign The ONE Campaign is a partner of H2O Africa, supporting Running the Sahara in raising awareness of and mobilizing Americans in the fight for clean water in Africa. ONE works closely with H2O Africa to help focus effective efforts in establishing clean water wells across the African continent. ONE is a campaign of over 2.4 million people and 100 of the nation's leading relief, humanitarian and advocacy organizations united in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty.
Millennium Promise
Millennium Promise Millennium Promise is a partner of H2O Africa. In collaboration with scientific experts at The Earth Institute, Millennium Promise will advise H2O Africa on where and how best to utilize the funds raised (in conjunction with the Running the Sahara expedition) to aide the clean water crisis in Africa. Running the Sahara and H2O Africa are helping to raise funds to support a Millennium Village in Mali.
A Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope A Glimmer of Hope Foundation has impacted the lives of more than 2.2 million of Ethiopia's rural poor in the past six years. The foundation's efforts have included making clean water accessible to more than one million people all for an average cost of just $6.30 per person. A Glimmer of Hope has achieved considerable success with its entrepreneurial approach and has been recognized for its cost-effectiveness and compassion in the areas of International and Humanitarian Aid.